Have you ever thought about how dependent you and your family are on the plumbing in your home? Washing dishes, taking showers, brushing teeth, using a washing machine all require a trusted plumbing system installed by licensed professionals.  We often take our working, reliable home plumbing for granted until something bad happens. Consider Mission Plumbing for your new installation or plumbing repair needs.

The Advantage of a Licensed Professional Plumber
Many are tempted to handle the hard work of plumbing repairs themselves.  This can lead to a failed repair or installation and make a bad situation worse.  Learning as you go can be a costly exercise with water running inside the walls and throughout the ceiling in your home.  Do not escalate a problem by accidentally creating a chain reaction that is far more difficult to stop.

Save yourself the hassle, time and money of a mistake by relying on a reputable, licensed professional to handle the job right the first time. Call us now.

Pipes, pipes, everywhere.  Pipes supply clean, temperature controlled water to every fixture throughout the home.  Pipes also move wastewater away from the home.  They can rust or freeze which results in cracking and subsequent leaks.  We replace any type of water pipe used throughout your home.

Fixtures and Toilets
You may be happy with your current piping and internal plumbing, but refreshing the look of your home is always fun and often needed as part of a remodel.  If you’re remodeling your home and in need of newer fixtures and toilets, this is a service we are happy to provide.

Fixtures and Toilets We Recommended
Toilets: Proflow or Kohler
Fixtures: Delta
Hot water heaters: Bradford

Bathroom Plumbing
Your bathroom plumbing controls your tubs, showers, sinks and toilets.  If your bathroom pipe system is poorly maintained, problems will occur. We service bathroom fixtures, faucets, sinks, and tubs. It is very important to replace your bathroom pipes and fixtures during a bathroom remodel.

…repair bathroom leaks
…provide plumbing services for new additions or bathroom remodels
…repair and install bathroom fixtures, faucets and sinks

Kitchen Plumbing
Your kitchen includes your sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal and all the pipes plumbed throughout the kitchen.  Your kitchen’s pipes and drain system take a large amount of abuse.

…repair and replace kitchen garbage disposals
…repair and replace kitchen pipes for new construction or remodels
…repair leaky kitchen pipes
…replace broken or leaking kitchen fixtures

Garbage Disposals
A garbage disposal unit makes a lot of sense for homeowners looking to cut down on the amount of food waste going into the trash.  We will retrofit your kitchen sink plumbing with a powerful, reliable garbage disposal that can offer the convenience of not having to dig small bits of refuse out of the sink with your hands.

Winterize Your Home
When pipes get so cold that they freeze you run the risk of losing the flow of water through your pipes, or in many cases, your pipes can expand and burst. Pipes exposed to cold temperatures are particularly vulnerable and require annual winterization.

Here is a list of winterization techniques to consider:

1.    Disconnect and drain irrigation and sprinkler systems, outdoor hoses, swimming pools and their supply lines.
2.    Insulate pipes in unheated areas like basements and garages. Allow pipes inside cabinets access to warm air to avoid freezing.
3.    Keep your thermostat above 55 degrees at all times, even when leaving the home for extended periods of time.
4.    Seal off any cracks, leaks, or vents that could allow cold air in.
5.    Should a pipe burst anywhere inside the house, make sure to shut off the master valve immediately to prevent further damage.

Outdoor Faucet Installation
Many homeowners are frustrated with the lack of faucets around the outside of their homes.  More outside faucets provide the flexibility to easily water different sections of the lawn, wash cars and open new opportunities for other outdoor water activities.  We are happy to provide a quote for adding new faucets outside your home.

Have Problems with Other People Using Your Water?
If your office building includes outdoor faucets, people may be stealing or tampering with your water.  There are creative ways to secure your faucets so you stop paying the high cost of water theft and people mischievously turning your faucet on.  Some ideas include keyless hose bibs and bibs with locking doors.